Timberlake Earth Sanctuary Wedding Greensboro, NC by Mabyn Ludke Photography

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The eternal struggle. Having the wedding of your dreams while fitting it all into your budget! For some, it’s easier than others. As a wedding professional and a past bride, I totally get the struggle. The truth is this is a luxury industry. I could sit here and tell you why we cost what we do, but all that does is give you more numbers to scramble your already stressed out brain. I’d rather give you actual helpful tips to maximize your budget. So that’s why I put together my top 3 ways to save money on your wedding day.

Get Married On A Different Day

A lot of wedding venues will give you a break on the price if you choose a day other than Saturday. It’s the most popular day for a reason and that premium day comes with a price. If you choose a Friday or a Sunday date it may help with the cost. Daniel and I got a break when we chose to get married on a Friday. We’ve shot weddings in the middle of the week too! If you’re not too picky and your loved ones will attend, why not right?

DIY It All

This tip can save you money if you do it right. You should add up the cost of the materials and time first to make sure it’s worth it. Some things in life are worth outsourcing if they’re only going to add stress to your plate. However, I’ve seen many couples create incredible decor, playlists, and baked goods that only enhanced their story! Daniel and I made simple terrarium centerpieces for our tables and decorated the venue with our own items.

Woodland Wedding in Burnsville, NC by Mabyn Ludke Photography

Give Objects Double Duty

Sometimes you can utilize one thing for multiple purposes. Take the ceremony chairs and use them for the reception too. The same can be said for ceremony flowers, move them into the reception. Your bouquet can make a great centerpiece for your table and so on. Our little trick was to plant little succulents in individual pots and use them as table decor and favors. An easy way to spruce up every table and there was less stuff we had to bring home in the end.

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary Wedding Greensboro, NC by Mabyn Ludke Photography

I hope these tips have been helpful. There are tons of way to save money on your wedding day. You can always keep your guest list small, choose an Air BnB venue, or purchased a used wedding dress. All of these have their ups and downs as does every budget cut, but they were worth mentioning. We always recommend prioritizing your most important wedding items first and the rest of the budget will fall into place. Obviously, we’re a little biased towards wedding photography. So please don’t skimp on that. 😉


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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day