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Last week I mentioned I was sick, well that was nothing compared to this past Friday. It was awful…kinda like Mondays normally are. This Monday I’m celebrating because I finally feel like a normal human being! So I made myself some chicken Alfredo and hunkered down for a quiet Monday evening with my good friend Hulu.

There are a few big things happening around the world today and this week.

Let’s start with International Women’s Day, that’s right we get a whole day ALL around the world! Amazing! I found this great article about remembering Afghan Women. Please take the time to read it!

The second I am disappointed I’m not part of is WPPI. The largest wedding and portrait conference in the US is taking place right now in Vegas. A lot of talented photogs are there living it up. I will have to live vicariously through their wonderful images. We know what I’m saving up for next year!

Last week was full of accomplishments here at home.

I managed to set up for the gallery show that will be available all month at the Vineyard Church near the fairgrounds. It took about 6 hours and a lot of paper cuts and grumbling, but it’s up. Next time this happens, remind me to do just a few large images, then this wont be an issue. 😛

I also managed, in my sickipoo state, to surprise my roommate and good friend Donna for her birthday! She had a small event that she was singing at and I gathered most of her closest friends and co-workers there with balloons, flowers, and gifts and then she serenaded us all with her “Goddess like” voice.

While I couldn’t do anything other than push a button on my computer I decied to look up some tasty tidbits for today’s blog. Here, have some YUM in your life!

I LOVE popcorn and I ran out the other week, I need to by more and I’m soooo tempted to get bags like this so I can decoupage them to popcorn bowls. Aren’t they great?! Oh Etsy, you literally have EVERYTHING!

Who doesn’t need a 70-200 f/2.8 Thermos? Canon handed these suckers out at the Olympics. Apparently they’re not going to be put up for sale anytime soon. I think we should petition Canon to get these suckers out on the market! They’d sell like hotcakes!…or coffee….I’d love on one for sho!

Hair goodies taste like lollipops and cupcakes! Ok, maybe not, but they make me so happy when I see my brides and their bridesmaids wearing unique hair accessories. I get all warm and fuzzy inside!

Donna and I will be moving again in June. We’ll be back to an apartment complex rather than our beautiful house apartment. I’ll miss the fun decorating but I wont miss the work. I do long for my own home where I can make the kitchen a giant blackboard and write funny stuff on it. *Sigh* it’ll happen one day!

Lastly, I leave you with this cute lil’ poem. When I have kids this is going in their room(s)!

Marvelous Monday : The Sickipoo Edition…Part Deux


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If you’ve been keeping up with the Marvelous Mondays then last week you were disappointed. I was too. I neglected to post up the Marvelous Monday that week due to a crazy busy schedule and a wonderfully awful cold. So my Monday was not so Marvelous and was made even worse by the fact that I couldn’t make it marvelous here in blog world!

I guess i’ll just have to make it up this week huh?

I’m no longer sickipoo which is great! I really feel energized and I’m so excited to get back into my work out routine! Yay! The gym is deserted at 7am. It’s a beautiful thing!

I mentioned in the Valentine edition that my best friend and roommate Lillian got engaged and I was there to witness/document the whole event! Here are a couple shots after she said “Yes!”

Finally March is here! The cold is almost over! The great thing about March is you never know what it’s going to bring. Sometimes it’s the coldest month out of the winter and sometimes spring comes early. Last year we were lucky and spring came running back home! I hope it’s like that this year. The past week has been really warm even though we got dumped on with snow. However, I do really enjoy cute sweaters during the winter months so it is a toss up when it comes to fashion:

Etsy is the best online place on earth. I can literally spend hours there and not get bored!

Another good thing about March is that it’s right next to April which means my brithday is right around the corner! So if any one is interested in purchasing a bday gift (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)…just kidding! Here are some things that are going on my wishlist! But, if I don’t get them I’ll buy them regardless!

Bob and Dawn Davis are masters of their craft. Bob explains his lighting techniques so easily! I love listening to them talk! I’m super excited that Bob has his first book coming out soon, it’s going to be a stellar read!

(picture by Jeff LaPlante)

Bob and Dawn are also advocates for Thirst Relief, which is an awesome organization of photographers looking to make clean water accessible to everyone around the world! Check out their website

I don’t think I need to explain my desire for an old fashion camera necklacce….Etsy makes my world go round!

I’m not one to spend money on shoes (though I have a lot). I tend to find them on sale and such. These are the Toppazz by Steve Madden. Yes these are much more money then I’m use to spending BUT They’re possibly the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen in my life AND Lillian wants her bridesmaids to wear them in the wedding. Added bonus I got my dress for $17!!!!! So I don’t really mind buying these puppies.

I am very excited to announce my first ever gallery show! It’ll be opening this week and run the whole month of March at The Vineyard Church over by the Fairgrounds. I am also having a reception on March 2oth at 6:30pm I’d be so honored if you came! It’ll feature a bit of everything. I am so relieved that it’s finally here. It’s been my world for the past month or so.

Well that wraps up another Marvelous Monday! I hope your day is full of joy and that your Monday is a little bit brighter than it was before!

Marvelous Monday : The Sickipoo Edition