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The whole reason I became a photographer, is because I love blessing people. I have been given a talent that I am not worthy of. To make people feel beautiful and important brings me joy. So when I’m given an opportunity like this, I can truly see His hand at work.

Chaz-lit (Chazzy) and Jimmy are friends of mine from our church. They moved up here from Florida in May and are an amazing force for God!

They were supposed to have been married about a year ago in Florida. Right before they were to be married, Chazzy’s family hit some very difficult times. Their whole world was flipped upside down. So they decided to hold off on getting married until things worked itself out. Their struggle was great, they faced things that I can’t even bring myself to think about. God was faithful through it all, even through another attempt at getting married.  After that, they decided to move from Florida up to NY where Jimmy’s family is. It was apparent right from the start that Chazzy and I were meant to be friends! So when she and Jimmy decided that the 3rd time was the charm, she told me and several other ladies about a week in advance.

We did what any loyal group of girlfriends would do, we threw a bachelorette party!  During the evening, Chazzy revealed to us that she no longer fit in her dress so she and Jimmy were going to be married in their PJ’s with just one or 2 witnesses. Our group of about 10 ladies, looked around at each other and collectively agreed that this would not be happening. Chazzy deserved more than her PJ’s!!!! 

God continuously surprises me at how he brings people together. At that bachelorette party you had myself, a wedding photographer, a makeup artist, a hair dresser, a musician, and several ladies who were AMAZING party/event planners. We threw together a wedding for Chazzy in 4 days!

They were married on a beautiful afternoon in Faith Chapel’s Prayer Garden. To be the person the capture these amazing memories was such an honor. I still tear up just thinking about the look on Chazzy’s face when she finally walked down the isle, looking as glorious as God intended her to. An intense joy radiated from her when she first laid her eyes on Jimmy. And Jimmy’s delight could not be contained as he watch his wife to be walk towards him.

I don’t think I’ve been privy to a ceremony that has been more meaningful, genuine, or beautiful. Their closest friends surrounded them, prayed for them, sang praises to God with them, and witnessed them seal their vows as husband and wife.

As long as I live, this wedding will be a glowing reminder of why I do what I do. Why it is so enormously important to be a wedding photographer. And I will continuously thank God for the gift he has blessed me with.




















Chaz-lit & Jimmy: Married!