This nerdy couple loves their books! Photo by Mabyn in Greensboro, NC


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Meet my new North Carolina besties, Ariana and Brian! If you follow me in Facebook or Instagram, then you’ve probably see me take numerous selfies with this amazing duo! We’re birds of a Silver Feather!  😉  I just couldn’t resist! The pun was too easy! These guys are the brains, beauty, talent, and just all around awesome behind Silver Feather Studios!

We instantly bonded the first time we met almost a year ago at an end of the season photo party…yes we have those.  It wasn’t long before we realized that we all shared some pretty serious geeky addictions (i.e. Dr. Who, Sherlock, Firefly, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and the list goes on and on)! Since then, our friendship has grown as we had our Geeksboro dates with Sherlock, business chats at Crafted, and now Silver Feather have invited me to shoot video with them on some of their weddings! It’s been pretty spectacular working with an amazing team like Ariana and Brian! I am so ridiculously grateful for their friendship and I can’t wait to see where our businesses go now that Ariana is MOVING INTO THE STUDIO! WOOHOO! That’s right, you know what that means, GEEK OVERLOAD ALL THE TIME! *Let the dance party commence!*

Our overall vision is to one day all have a studio space together, can you imagine the awesome that will explode from that space? It’s almost scary!…Almost.

So getting to shoot their new promo pictures for their website was just the icing on the cake. You mean I get to hang out with you more, at geeky location, AND take pictures? Oh twist my arm!

*Sigh* What a perfect day with friends!



Nothing says love like Dr. Who & video games!

The Tardis, Video Games, and a couple in love is the best kind of photo session in Mabyn's opinionNothing goes with wedding rings like an old school gaming console by Mabyn Ludke

That moment when you die in a video game!

Mabyn says couples who stay together, play video games together at Geeksboro in North Carolina!Double the cute with a reflection

Batman approves of this cuteness!

Batman approves of this cute couple in front of Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC by Mabyn Ludke PhotographySweet moments can happen anywhere, even in front of a comic book store in Greensboro! Mabyn Ludke PhotographyBatman approves of this cute couple by Mabyn Ludke Photography at Acme Comics

This is Ariana and Brian in a nutshell. I just love this photo!

Silver Feather Studios work their super hero moves in front of Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC. Photography by Mabyn Ludke


Ariana practices her superhero moves while Brian surrenders in front of Acme Comics. Photo by MabynAriana and Brian support their favorite geeky shows Firefly & Dr. Who in Greensboro, NC by Mabyn Ludke Photography

You guys are just hot, SO HAWT!

Greensboro is for geeky lovers! Bright pops of color showcase Silver Feather Studios personality so well! Photo by Mabyn LudkeSilver Feather Studios are the cutest couple ever in Greensboro NC with Mabyn Ludke Photography

Social media swagger!

Ariana and Brian are a social media savvy couple! Mabyn captured them taking a selfie in Greensboro NCBrian's colorful headshot for Silver Feather Studios. Taken by Mabyn Ludke PhotographyAriana's colorful headshot. Portrait taken by Mabyn

This bright overpass art is perfect for Triad wedding pros Silver Feather Studios personality by Mabyn

Work it Tyra! Show me dem smiez!

Ari gets her Tyra Banks on in Greensboro with Mabyn Ludke Photography

Give Ariana a comfy couch and The Fault in Our Stars and she'll be a happy camper! Photo by Mabyn Ludke

This nerdy couple loves their books! Photo by Mabyn in Greensboro, NCThis nerdy couple loves their books! Photo by Mabyn in Greensboro, NCA random couch in the middle of Greensboro, NC is the perfect place for these bookworms to relax and look cute with Mabyn Ludke Photography

Ariana & Brian’s Geeky You + Me Session – Greensboro, NC

A super hero themed engagement session at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC

Sneak Peeks

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Last night I got to hang out with and, oh yeah, PHOTOGRAPH two of my favorite people in the world! Ariana and Brian are the super talented duo from Silver Feather Studios! I think you might be able to understand why we get along so well. I mean, other than the fact that they’re just fabulous! 😉 Check out their amazingly geeky sneak peek and I’m sure you’ll figure the rest out!


Ariana & Brian’s Geeky You + Me Session

A super hero themed engagement session at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC

Super Hero Sneaks! – Greensboro, NC

Kernersville, NC Sunset Mabyn Ludke Photography


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It’s officially…technically…kinda sorta been a year since I’ve moved down to Kernersville, NC. I “moved” last February & I spent over half of the year here, so I guess that counts right? The other…almost half….I spent between upstate NY & FL.

I’m not sure if the time I’ve spent here in North Carolina has been enough to say that I’ve been fully immersed in southern culture, but I’d like to think I’ve gotten a good dose. Overall, I’ve loved my time here and I’m just starting to discover what really makes the Piedmont Triad so wonderful! This year has been an extreme growth year, as in I’ve been tilled up, replanted, and weeded like no other! Restarting a business in a new area has not been the easiest task and if I’m being honest, I’m still in the throws of figuring it all out. There’s no set formula for success. Ever. Just a lot of hard work, hand shakes, and coffee meetings.

Some things I’ve learned about business:

– No matter how successful you are in one place is doesn’t guarantee success elsewhere
– You have to be diligent to get results even when you feel like giving up
– Word of mouth is still the absolute best way to advertise
– Growth takes time, patience is NOT easy
– There are people you can connect with anywhere, you just have to go out there and find them
– Being unique is good – push for excellence – never stop learning!

Things I’ve learned about the south:

– Winters are WAY warmer over all with hardly any snow
– When there is snow…or the threat of snow…LIFE SHUTS DOWN…which is great and terrible at the same time
– Shopping carts are called buggy’s…get it right!
– Grits can come with practically anything
– There’s a lot of brick buildings…I LOVE brick buildings…
– Parking lots don’t make sense…seriously what were the designers here thinking?
– There are varying types/strengths of southern accents all within a 20 mile radius..and I may secretly want one…
– They sure know how to do food right down here!

Things I’ve learned about myself:

– I’m allergic to oak trees right before they bloom…there’s a lot of oak here.
– Cheesy grits are good, regular grits are gross
– I prefer driving over flying
– I  have to watch my Chic Fil A addiction (mmmm waffle fries…)
– I can reduce my life into 1 bedroom
– Google chat & Face Time are the best inventions ever
– My body really does love the sun…who knew?! YAY VITAMIN D!

I’m so grateful for the new connections I’ve made here in NC. I’ve got a wonderful circle of friends who are willing to spread the word about MLP. I’ve still got a good chunk of work in NY this year, but I’m hoping that it will equal out to be about half n half.

Here are my 2014 Business goals:

– Book 10 North Carolina weddings (2 down, 8 to go!)
– Book 20 Simply Beautiful Couture sessions
– Join at least 2 wedding photo print competitions to push my work
– Find a studio/meeting space
– Network, network, network!
– Blog more about life
– Create new systems to help stay organized when traveling
– Get involved in the community

Personal Goals:

– Get plugged into a good cardio kickboxing class
– Finish the Bible chronologically
– Create 20 original videos
– Continue to pay off debt (I will be debt free one day!)
– Make new friends wherever I go

I am going to work extremely hard to meet my goals and if any of you want to help me make them, I’m totally down for that too! 😉 Here’s a little photo collage of the past year through my iphone. Man has it been crazy! Enjoy!


Kernersville, NC wedding & portrait photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

1 Year After the Move – Kernersville, NC Wedding Photographer