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Daniel & I have had a whirl wind romance in a way. We met & married in 6 months and within that time he started assisting me at weddings. By the end of 2016 he had shot 10 weddings with me! Since things happened so quickly, people haven’t gotten to know Daniel as well as they have me. So we thought it would be fun to put together a little “We are your wedding photographers” Q&A! This round is very light hearted and focuses more on Daniel than I, but we hope it’s a great way to introduce ourselves to the 2017 wedding world as a fully functional HUSBAND AND WIFE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM!!! I had to say that in all caps cuz I’m so ridiculously excited!

We’re also planning on making this YouTube thing a normal occurrence. So make sure you subscribe to our channel for helpful wedding tips, photography ideas, marriage stories, and again…cats!

So enjoy our silly selves and if you have more questions about Daniel & I, weddings, or our cats feel free to leave a comment below or shoot us an email. We’d love to keep these going!


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