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(The past 3 weeks)

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NY, Chicago, ring shopping, friends invading, a new fiancé, oh yeah and don’t forget that I have a job somewhere in there too… July turned out a lot crazier than I anticipated! Now my body is reaping the aftermath. Lets just say my immune system didn’t take kindly to the constant go & the lack of sleep. So here I am holed up in my bed, surrounded by tissues and essential oils. I’m just grateful that this version of the plague hasn’t affected the brain too terribly. Otherwise we’d have another week without Mabloggyn and just couldn’t bare to ruin your Monday! 😉


So after last weekend, Daniel & I were bombarded by a slew of well wishes from phone calls, texts, & facebook. I must say that it’s moments like this where social media is at it’s best. Sometimes I dread getting on knowing that it’s going to be negativity and drama everywhere. But where social media shines is here, when people rally behind those they love & admire to show their support. So I can’t even create a sentence worthy of my thanks for this. You all really blew me away. I think some of you have been waiting for my engagement/wedding longer than I have! 😉 Thank you all so very much!

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Being engaged a week, Daniel & I have already encountered some pretty intense situations where we’ve had to bond together as a couple. I mean… getting a joint cell phone plan can get pretty stressful! Seriously tho, we both want to be as prepared for marriage as we can and we’re already seeing the affects that planning a wedding can take. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in plotting your ultimate day that you forget why you’re getting married in the first place. This week was great because not only did we have all of that love & support, but we started preparing for our marriage, not just the wedding. I’m very much looking forward to more weeks like this (sans the plague) where we can make decisions together that will help better our continuing adventure.

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In the mean time, I’m going to continue working from my portable bed office & get some direly needed editing done whilst recovering. Thank goodness for Frankincense, Arborvitae, & The Protective Blend! I love my essential oils almost as much as my fiancé! 😉

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Mabloggyn – The Aftermath