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Let me start with a disclaimer: This is in no way a dig against tuxedos. They look great! Its just…well…they’re “typical,”

and we all know how I feel about “typical“….

So today’s blog is all about the anti-tuxedo!

Guys, instead of getting a mass produced, non fitted, weird smelling, rental tux, why not invest in a suit that you could use years down the line? Or if your feeling really crazy….how about some nice pants, funky suspenders, and a bow tie?!

Though the Gents may not get much of a say in the whole wedding process, what you wear IS important! So THINK about it! Make sure what you wear fits your personality & style!

Here are a few images from Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, & Erin Ever After to get your mind a ticking!

For the Guys : Real Style