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The Reyes Family is such a joy to photograph. They’re filled with so much personality, spirit, and life! For part two I started at their house while little Anouk played in the snow. Leland looked so adorable in his little hat! We then ventured on to The Most, a children’s science museum. It was great watching the kids “oohh and ahhh” over everything. Next we shot at The Mission, a Mexican restaurant that is awesomely authentic. We spend part of the time eating and the rest of the time shooting on their beautifully colored walls! By the way, if you ever want a great glass of hot chocolate go to The Mission! Seriously, it was the best i’ve ever had! MMMM! We ended back at the Reyes home to get some more shots of Leland. His dimples are just too much!

I really love going on adventures with families. It makes the experience so much fun for everyone involved! Really, who wants a cheesy “pose in front of a back ground of falling leaves” shot when you can have these?!

The Reyes Family Part 2 : Real Life