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Every now and then I’m privileged to shoot a senior session. Marcel’s situation was unique because he was about to graduate when I shot these images.  His mother, Diane, wanted a more in depth session than what he had for the year book. I was so excited when they called me! Especially because Marcel went to Fabius-Pompey, my old alma mater and his sister is a good friend!

Marcel is extremely smart! He’s going to school for physics! Wow! Anyone who chooses to go into science or math gets HUGE kudos from me! I couldn’t even imagine spending at least 4 years studying that! Seriously Marcel, you’re AMAZING! Thank you to you and your mother for everything!

Marcel’s home overlooks Jamesville Reservoir, it just happened to be Balloon Fest! Seriously amazing!

Such a hard job I have! Look at this handsom face!

People say California has yummy light…I think Central NY is right up there with em!

We do not lack for beautiful sunsets!

Marcel’s Senior Portraits : Real Life : Syracuse, NY Senior Portrait Photographer