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Happy Monday everyone! I’m sure most of you are reading this and rolling your eyes at your computer screen. “Mondays happy? Yeah right! It’s back to work and I’m exhausted from rockin’ out on the weekend!”

True, but why can’t Mondays be more exciting? I’ve decided to make MY Mondays enjoyable by doing a personal blog of all the wonderful little tid bits going on in my life. (Or at least the ones I’d like to be going on in my life ;0P)

I have to give credit where credit is due. My friend Alyse French who is a wonderful wedding photographer created “Tidbit Tuesdays” on her blog and it got me thinking. I am in no way trying to one up Alyse, she’s amazing and I adore her so you should all check out her blog on a regular basis!

Anywho, I am takin’ back the Monday for people who love weddings, love, design, and just general happiness! Are you with me?! YEAH!

OK! This week I wanted to focus on my top 10 things I love about shooting weddings:

Number 10: SHOES! Yes, you wear them on your feet, but they can add a fantastic accent to a wedding dress especially is they’re unique and/or a fun color/pattern!

Number 9:¬†Accessories!! Seriously this is not just for girls. I love it when guys decide they want to wear a bow tie, or a fedora along with their suit/tux. It makes your wedding attire “Yours.” Accessorize people!

Number 8: Rings! They symbolize the eternal connection that you’ve made to one another…and they also make a rockin detail for me to photograph in fun ways! It’s not to trivialize it. I mean both statements seriously. They seal your commitment so why not capture them in a beautiful and unique way?

Number 7: Unique Locations! Who says every wedding has to be at a “typical wedding venue?” Change it up a bit! Be unique! “Lets get married at a circus, or in Greece, or in a hot air balloon!”

Number 6: VINTAGE!!! Not much to say here other than I ADORE IT! Anything vintagesque I’m down!

Number 5: Color! Mmmmm bright, saturated, beautiful COLOR (I like texture a lot too!)!!! I’m not talking about one or two pretty pastels here people. Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to plaaaayyyy!!

Number 4: Personality! Weddings that not only celebrate but show off the personality of the couple just warms my heart!

Number 3: Light! The more you have the better! All sorts too! Natural, indoor, and colored! It creates all sorts of mood!

Number 2: Moments! This happens at every wedding so you really don’t have to do anything for it to happen. “People is peoples” as it says in Muppets Take Manhattan. Let them be their creative, fun, wacky selves and I’ll have plenty of ammo for you to blackmail them with for the next 20 years ;0)

Number 1: Last but definitely¬†NOT least is LOVE! If you’re truely 100% in love with that person you’re marrying then let it shine through! Don’t be camera shy! Show them exactly how much you love them and I’ll create memories you will cherish for the rest of your lives. These are the moments that live on forever!

Well there ya have it. The first Marvelous Monday comes to an end. I hope it’s brightened your day! Tune back next week for the second chapter of good times and wonder!



P.S. There are lots of images this time around that are not mine. If you’re interest in an image click on it and it’ll take you straight to where I found it. There are some seriously talented photogs out there and I hope you check them out!

Marvelous Monday: Takin’ back the Monday!