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This new adventure in my business has been a year in the making. Remember about this time in 2013 I had just come back from Mystic Seminars and I was lamenting on all sorts of things? After a lot of soul searching, moving, and crazy road blocks I finally managed to sort through everything and create a vision. Through out the year, I’ve given you little teasers of special shoots that I’ve done. I’ve created a fan page, a logo, and now FINALLY a website!

Simply Beautiful Couture is a website dedicated to women and their stories! I want to celebrate women in all walks of life. I honestly believe that if we all had more pictures of ourselves that displayed our true beauty (and not what we see in the mirror every day) that problems we face on a daily basis wouldn’t be as difficult. Hurt and brokenness would start to heal, we would grow closer to our family & friends, and we finally be the world changers we were meant to be.

Simply Beautiful Couture is a business, but it’s also a ministry. I want to share stories of struggle & victory. I want women who have never been told that they’re beautiful to have a day of abundant love. I want all of us to feel Simply Beautiful! I hope you join me in this journey of beauty, healing, & love!


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Kernersville, NC Beauty & Glamour Photographey Simply Beautiful Couture

Simply Beautiful Couture – Celebrating beauty in EVERY woman!