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I still remember my mother caressing my hair as I sobbed on the floor of her tiny sewing room. My dress didn’t fit, she didn’t know how to fix it, and it was 2 weeks away from my wedding! How was I suppose to get married without a wedding dress? It wasn’t just the dress either, as I sobbed, I cried out all of the overwhelming stress of planning a wedding. There were so many details still to be taken care of in such a short amount of time. I had no clue how it was all going to come together.

Mabyn Ludke in her wedding dress at the Inn at Crestwood in Blowing Rock NC.

“EVERYTHING about my dress stressed me out, that is until the day of the wedding when I slipped it on and felt like the bride I was meant to be. ” 

Somehow tho when the day arrived, all of those little details did come together and I was able to let it all go and have the most spectacular wedding day ever! I am so grateful for the family & friends that surrounded me, encouraged me, & gave me some incredible advice to help me through the planning process. And I want to share that advice with YOU! So take a moment and watch this short little video on things that I learned both from the decade of knowledge as a wedding photographer & from my own personal wedding planning experience:

Here are my 4 tips to having a Stress Free wedding day!


Here’s a little recap for you:

#4 – Hire a planner. I am not a planner by trade, but I 100% believe in their value. When Daniel and I got married, our planner brought up so many things that we hadn’t even thought of AND took care of them for us. She brought up things like “what are your wedding priorities and how do you want your guests to feel?” Woah those were things we hadn’t even thought of! She also helped us find the perfect linens and lavender wholesaler. Even tho I’m a wedding photographer, I didn’t have those connections. Our wedding planner was an invaluable member of our wedding team.

#3 – Make decisions together. A lot of grooms pretend like they don’t care about the details, but you’d be surprised that they really do. This day is about you both and making decisions together at this stage is perfect practice for what your marriage will be like. Starting with a priority list for each of you and coming together is something we learned for our wedding planner and it really helped us put our finances in the right place. Which also eased a lot of stress when it came to smaller things that didn’t have the sway.

#2- Surround yourself with healthy people. There is also a lot of pressure to bring everyone in your entourage on board in your wedding planning process. Just remember that each one of those people comes with their own opinions on how things should be done. Only bring those who have a healthy outlook on things into your planning process. I.E. Save the drama for your mama! You don’t need “Yes” persons either. You need people who are going to help you come up with solutions to problems, who are going to celebrate with you, not bring you down, and those who will ultimately defer to what YOU want for YOUR wedding day. Some people you have to have in your wedding process. Parent especially will have a say if they’re paying for things, but having other diplomatic people around you will also help with parents who might have their own idea of what your wedding day will be like.

#1 – Don’t sweat the small stuff. When the day arrives nothing ever goes exactly to plan. Be flexible and don’t take things too seriously. If the florals aren’t exactly the shade of mauve you were looking for, shrug it off. You’re JUST as married to the love of your life. Have fun with those around you who are there to celebrate with you. Soak up the memories of a day that goes way to fast.

Daniel & Mabyn of Mabyn Ludke Photography run across the lawn at the Inn at Creswood where they had their Blowing Rock NC wedding

Our wedding day was a wonderful dream and I wouldn’t have done it any other way!
– Photos by MorningWild Photography

I hope this little video helped calm your heart & mind and also gave you some ideas as how to blaze ahead in your planning process!
Your wedding day is going to be amazing! We have no doubt!







4 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day!