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When I was a little girl, my mom got my brother a grey tabby kitten for his birthday. She became a staple in our family and though I’ll never know why, she wasn’t ever fixed. This resulted in multiple litters of kittens for years. So it’s pretty easy to see why I’m so smitten with kittens…Okay…I promise I wont rhyme for the rest of the blog…I hope.

When it became very clear that Daniel and I were going to get married, cats became part of the conversation. Both of us liked dogs, but cat’s were much easier to maintain with our jet setting lifestyle. However, every time I asked to get one, Daniel said “Not yet, let’s just enjoy this time together.” Sometime over the winter I stopped asking about getting¬† a cat. There was just too much life going on to think about. Apparently tho, Daniel had been thinking about it. One night after going to dinner and running some pre snow storm errands we found ourselves in the PetSmart complex. Much to my joy Daniel quipped “Want to go into PetSmart and look at the kitties?” I exclaimed something like “WHAT?! Excuuuuuuse me? Did I just hear you right?” Obviously he didn’t have to twist my arm so we bounded into the store to take a peek at the little fur balls that they had.

We found out that all of their cats were adoptable through a local feline rescue called Paws n Claws. One of the workers there just so happened to be one of the ladies who helps run the organization. We chatted with her while looking at all of the cats there. One in particular, a little Red Point Siamese stood out to me. I just couldn’t stop looking at her sweet little nose and big blue eyes. It didn’t hurt that she turned on the charm and started rolling around and putting her paws on the glass towards us…UHG…Heart. Melted.


Since it was a weeknight we couldn’t adopt her right then, so we came back two days later and picked up our sweet girl whom we’ve named Eowyn Alani. Eowyn after the character in Lord of the Rings who kills the Witch King. In the movie she’s a blonde with big blue eyes and it’s stuck. Alani is her Hawaiian name and it means orange tree. Now we should have given her some sort of awkward name because we’ve never met a more awkward cat. She was incredibly shy and skiddish when we brought her home and when she wanted to show affection she’d head butt us incredibly hard. She’s got a chirp not a meow, and she’s not a graceful cat like most, she’s clumsy and has poor spacial awareness sometimes. However, she’s incredibly entertaining. It took her a long time, but she’s now warmed up to laps and pets and her new sister.

After we brought Eowyn home, we started talking about getting her a friend. With our get up and go lifestyle we knew she needed someone to keep her company. So we went back to Paws and Claws and Daniel picked out a loving purr machine named Flo. She’s as opposite as you can get from Eowyn. She loves up on everyone and is an elegant mini saber tooth tiger. She’s got this raspy little meow that reminds me of a chain smoking diner waitress…don’t ask me why. So the name Flo stayed.


These kitties have provided endless entertainment, snuggles, and stress relief for us. They’ve also been my muses and I’ve loved creating their Instagram. It’s in Eowyn’s voice and she’s quite the story teller…You can follow our kitty adventures at @SociallyAwkwardSiamese.¬†

Just recently Daniel brought home 3 newborn kittens that we were hoping to pass along to Paws and Claws. At the time, there wasn’t anyone to take care of them in the organization so Daniel and I have become foster parents for the time being. Sadly, we lost one of the kittens last week. Newborns without a mama are incredibly hard to keep alive. The other two seem to be doing really well and we’re very hopeful that they’ll get adopted into some pretty fantastic homes.

I’ve also volunteered my talents to Paws and Claws to help them get better pictures of kitties for their adoption sites and social media. Hopefully together we can find more wonderful homes for these cuddly little fur balls!










Mabloggyn – Furry Additions to our Family