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I first met Shannon & Obi when I shot Juliana & Dave’s wedding two years ago! So when they contacted me about shooting their wedding I was thrilled! Brady weddings are epic and this one was no exception!
When we arrived at Six Mile Creek I had to pick up my jaw off the ground from the beautiful sight! The ceremony reflected their artistic style with light hearted bluegrass to walk down the isle to and a rock ceremony to bind not just their vows but everyone who was in attendance too. Six Mile Creek provided so many gorgeous spots to shoot, I love vineyards! We then galavanted off to The Barn in Ithaca for their reception. Again I had to pick my jaw up a little bit when I walked in. Everything was so rustic & romantic! Antiques were as abundant as the Indian food from India House Restaurant I was in my element! And as promised the Brady & Ray families partied well into the night providing moment after moment to capture! Not only was it a gorgeous wedding to photograph but I felt like I was already part of the family! I was so honored and overjoyed to capture Shannon & Obi’s day! Thanks guys!
How did you meet? 
Five years ago my bridesman David and sister Juliana introduced me to the lastest guitarist for David’s band All-star Champs. With some encouraging words from Juliana to Obi, and my obliviousness of it all; our half heard conversation started one of the most unexpected journeys in our lives. Obi and I have been infatuated with one another ever since that night. With his charm, and my quarkiness, we have been inseparable.
How did your fiance propose?
While up in the Adirondacks on a family get away, we decided to see the Adirondacks from McCauley Mountain chairlift. As the family headed first, up the chair lift, Obi and I sat in our lift. I was mesmerized by the view and taking many photos as well as fearing that I would fall from the lift. As I was turning around taking pictures Obi asked “how is the view?” Then he asked with the ring in his hand how “this” view was. Confused I looked down, and in his hand was the ring. So excited I tried prying my promise ring off my hand while tears of joy filled my eyes. He laughed and asked “Will you marry me?”. I was so shocked that I forgot to answer until he asked again. On the rest of the way up the lift my Mom and sisters were telling everyone that passed them heading down. We had several Congratulations before we even reached the top. When we reached the peak of McCauley mountain my family was ecstatic, clapping and taking pictures. I have to give it to Obi, he can still surprise me. I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic way to propose.
Tell me a bit about the planning process for your wedding (how did you pick the venue, colors, funny stories, etc..): 
I had a hard time finding a venue I liked, but then I some how stumbled across Ithaca NY. I visited the winery and barn and fell in love! The colors were a funny story. Juliana and I were trying to steer away from traditional fall colors. She told me ” You know what colors would be perfect?…Those! ” As she pointed to my tattooed arm. Obviously I loved them enough for them to be on my skin, so why not for my wedding!
What details at your wedding had special significance? 
The mandolin player was an essential. Growing up I used to dance in the living room to Bluegrass music with my dad (hence the Allison Krauss song which my brother and I danced to). The place cards were pictures of our childhood. And the table numbers were us as a couple. I really wanted to have memories of our past that make us who we are, and the people that have helped shape and guide us along our journey. The hand painted wooden bridal party was also another significant detail, I wanted to make sure each individual was recognized. Obi also made his own ring at work! It look heavy duty, but is ridiculously light!
What was the most memorable moment(s) of your day?
 Shannon: When I saw Obi’s reaction as I walked down the aisle, and of course OUR FIRST KISS. Obi: The Kiss!  
If you had to do it all over, would you change anything? 
We wouldn’t change a thing!
Funniest memory from your wedding day?
 Shannon: The pastor asking if David Duchovny was in the audience. AND The dance off with Kyle Bower, Kevin Carroll, and Mike Avery with Tina Nelson! Obi: Mike Avery carrying around a pitcher of beer.
What was your favorite wedding purchase?
 Everything was a fantastic purchase especially Mabyn!!!, But the top of the list had to have been the CAKE!!! It was an delicious adventure picking out our cake with my Matron of Honor and Bridesman! 
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Camp in Theresa NY. Next January, Jamaica!!!
Any advice for future bride & grooms?
 Shannon: Don’t settle for anything! There is always a cheaper way to achieve your vision! Make sure you do what you want, your guests will most more than likely enjoy everything, so if you want Indian Food and crazy boots like I did, DO IT!!!  And two years is still not enough time! 🙂 Obi: Don’t stress about anything!
Anything else you’d like to add that will help me tell your story? 
Make sure you have a loving supportive family and helpers when planning your wedding! I am so grateful that I did! They helped out from baking favors, answering my millions of phone calls, constructive criticism to financial assistance! (THANK YOU!!!!!!) Thanks again to Juliana Brady and David Rosenberg, Meegan Darby, Colleen, Erin and Seth Brady, Elizabeth Frink and Janet Rosenberg, and Mabyn Ludke!!!!
Absolutely positively with out a doubt HIRE MABYN and TIM!! 

Vineyards + Hot couples = drool worthy photos!


One of the coolest venue’s of the season!


Hair: Crystal’s Spa and Salon//Makeup Artist: Crystal’s Spa and Salon//Dress Designer & Store Location: Nicole Miller at Kleinfeld’s Bridal

Jewelry: Earrings: Macy’s   Necklace: Handmade by Juliana Brady: A Sterling Silver custom clasp and bracket, with Venetian Glass beads and a few swarovski crystals. Rings: My Nana’s Antique cocktail ring borrowed from my mother.//Veil or Hair Accessories: Antique Hairpins from Tarrytown, NY, Veil: Tia Mazza from Kleinfeld Bridal//Shoes: Target   Shoe Clips: from Etsy//Bridesmaid Dresses: JCrew//Grooms Attire: Khaki Irish Linen Suit From JCrew, Shirt: Macy’s Shoes: S&K Tie: Recycled from Juliana Brady and David Rosenberg’s wedding! //Ceremony Venue: Six Mile Creek Vineyard Ithaca NY//Reception Venue: The Barn Ithaca NY//Florist: Plenty Of Posies Ithaca NY//Transportation: (Provided by Brady Rosenberg Toyota 🙂 )//DJ: Liverpool DJs  (Provided by Meegan Darby)//Caterer: India House Liverpool, NY//Cake: The Gingersnap (Provided by Juliana Brady and David Rosenberg)//Wedding Coordinator: Self and Juliana Brady

Special Ceremony Music: Peter McDonald- Mandolin (Waltz in Bluegrass- Frank Wakefield (my parents wedding song) and an original written for me- My Rose of Shannon by my Godfather Buddy Merriam //IntroductionsPastor Jon Rogers//Father/Daughter: Brother/Sister: Allison Krauss- When You Say Nothing At All //First Dance: Coheed and Cambria- Wake Up- performed by Juliana Brady and David Rosenberg

Shannon & Obi’s Love Story