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When I first met Liz & Mike it was like we’d been long lost friends finally united! We sat in Starbucks who knows how long getting to know each other and chatting about everything! So when their You + Me session came along I was already excited! We had a great time continuing our conversations, snapping a few amazing shots at Le Moyne and Sky Top, and playing with their ADORABLE dog Maverick! It was probably one of the hottest days of the summer, but you’d never know it looking at these pictures…or maybe they’re what made it so hot?! OUCH! That was a good one eh? 😉 I know…I know…could I be any dorkier?

Dorkiness aside, Liz & Mike are wonderful & so so SO in love! Plus it doesn’t hurt that they’re ridiculously good looking…I mean really…go get in a magazine already! Ok enough of me gushing over these guys, go look at the pictures! :p


Liz & Mike’s You + Me Session