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Every time I write one of these posts I am so amazed at how quickly time passes. This baby’s first year thing really boggles my mind. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was hanging out with Lindsay  & Russell shooting their first baby’s newborn portraits? Seriously…time…SLOW DOWN…uhg. When I was little I couldn’t understand this […]

My Mini Model – Russell Jr – 1 Year

Cortland, NY Family Portrait Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

Woah, woah, woah! What?! You’re moving? Where? Why? When? How?!!! Well, to answer your questions: You’re moving?!  – Yes! 😉 Where? – Greensboro, North Carolina! Why? – For several reasons, but the biggest is that I have a great opportunity to help some friends in that area as well as expand my business! When? – […]

Mabyn Ludke Photography is Moving!

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