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What do you do when it’s rainy, almost dark, and freezing for a You + Me session? Well A) you find a unique indoor location and B) you MAKE THE MOST OF IT! I love how fearless Stephanie and Brian are! Yes we did some extremely fun safe shots at the warm New England Aquarium, […]

Stephanie & Brian’s You + Me Session

New England Aquarium Boston, MA Engagement Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

This time of year my outdoor shoots tend to slow down significantly. No one really wants to stay out in the cold for a photo shoot. Yet, on occassion I get some brave souls who want to venture out! So I charge my batteries up, pray my fingers don’t fall off, and head out into […]

Brave & Wintery Sneak Peeks!

Skaneateles, NY Engagement Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

Central NY is such a beautiful place to live. I know a lot of people who complain about living here…mainly due to the snow…but I’ll take a few months of the fluffy white stuff in exchange for all of the beauty available with just a short car ride away! Amanda and Matt felt the same […]

Amanda & Matt’s Love Story

Aurora NY Elegant Wedding Mabyn Ludke Photography

Even though I was only in Cape Cod for a short time, it was extremely relaxing. Besides traveling to Boston for 1/2 a day, we spent our time lounging around the beach and our cottages. I even took a nap…it was glorious! We got up bright an early my last morning there to do a […]

The Ludke & Woodward Family in Cape Cod

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