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Welcome friend! I'm Mabyn a creative obsessed with helping women shine bright! Get ready because this blog is full of incredible female entrepreneurs, branding, and business tips to help your business thrive!

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday weekend and the beautiful weather that has come with it. I know I am! [youtube width=”525″ height=”444″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Leovy2LY0VU[/youtube]

Happy Memorial Day!

Yeah…so that title may not be completely¬†accurate…I’m sure they’ve got plenty on me…I have to tell myself on a daily basis that I’m not allowed to go in there. I wouldn’t have money to live if I did! ūüėČ Anywho, so remember a few vlogs ago when I mentioned that I don’t have any hobby’s […]

Hobby Lobby’s got Nothin’ on Me!

The guys of Fazeshift are always an extreme pleasure to photograph. I never stop laughing! They’re some of the most laid back & talented people I know. If you didn’t get a chance to see Part 1 of their photo shoot escapades check them out here! Now onto part 2!!! We spent the good part […]

Fazeshift Part Duex : Real Music : Syracuse, NY Band Photographer

This post has been in the making for awhile now. Ever since I met the boys from Fazeshift (Joey, Alec, & Josh) I’ve wanted to do some band promo shots for them. They’re exceptional musicions and amazing guys! We all became fast friends! This is only part 1 of a 3 part series of band […]

Fazeshift Part 1 : Real Music : Syracuse, NY Band Photography

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