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Welcome friend! I'm Mabyn a creative obsessed with helping women shine bright! Get ready because this blog is full of incredible female entrepreneurs, branding, and business tips to help your business thrive!

As a creative business owner, sometimes you might find yourself at a loss for content ideas. What should you post on your blog, social media, or website? Here are some ideas to jumpstart your creativity and inspire engaging content for your followers and customers: Behind-the-scenes look: Share a peek into your creative process, daily routines, […]

7 Content Ideas When You Can’t Think of Anything

Ariana Tenine works on her laptop & phone at her desk

Liz Brindley is an incredible creative entrepreneur with a multifaceted business. She creates stunning murals and art as well as coaches other creative women on how to start their businesses. And she does all of this while traveling and creating helpful skillshare content! We connected on Instagram and instantly knew it was a good fit. […]

Rebrand photoshoot with Artist & Coach Liz Brindley | Asheville, NC

Artist Liz Brindley throws Pasca markers into the air on a bright yellow background while laughing

For the past 14 years, I’ve been a wedding photographer. Capturing couples & weddings became a true joy and passion. It became my identity and when things shifted, I wasn’t sure who I would be if I stopped being a wedding photographer. I went through a lot of life in a short amount of time, […]

How I went from insecure to confident within my small business

We hear this over and over again when we first begin our businesses. What is your why? What is the thing that drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning when you could just be cashing a paycheck every two weeks? WHY are you in small business? As creatives, it’s pretty easy […]

Brand Foundations: What is your “Why?”

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