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People ask me all the time how we get so many cool destination weddings? The answer may not be what you expect, but it’s because our clients don’t like big traditional weddings. Sometimes the idea of having a large traditional wedding is scary. But you go for it anyways because that’s what you’re “suppose” to […]

Adventure in New York City – Alicia & Bill’s Elopement

It’s always amazing going back to Syracuse, NY to shoot weddings. However, it’s even more amazing when I get to do it for a friend! I’ve know Brittany since my freshman year in college. My best friends little sister was Brittany’s best friend…does that make sense? No? Ah well, either way, Brittany and I would […]

Justin’s Grill Wedding Syracuse, NY – Brittany & Ryan

Fayetteville, NY Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

Oh Syracuse, even though you’re almost as warm as NC right now I still miss you around the holidays. This will be my first Christmas in my new home with my new hubby, which is exciting in itself, however a piece of my heart is definitely in NY. Daniel & I haven’t had too much […]

Sky Armory Wedding Syracuse, NY – Alida & Matt

Destination Night Shot in Upstate NY

(The past 3 weeks)        NY, Chicago, ring shopping, friends invading, a new fiancé, oh yeah and don’t forget that I have a job somewhere in there too… July turned out a lot crazier than I anticipated! Now my body is reaping the aftermath. Lets just say my immune system didn’t take kindly to the […]

Mabloggyn – The Aftermath

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