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Jen & Tony’s wedding came with much anticipation! Tim and I had so much fun with these guys during their You + Me Session! We knew that it was going to be wonderful and the day did not disappoint! From the beautiful home that Jen got ready in to the stunning fall foliage that surrounded the […]

Jen & Tony’s Real Love Story : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photographer

For the past 3 years I have been blessed and privilaged to be an associate for Picture Infinity Studios. Many of you have booked me through PI. My experience with them has been exceptional! They have taught me so much and I have grown abundantly as a photographer through them. Some of you may be […]

Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes! : Picture Infinity & Mabyn Ludke Wedding Photography

Happy Monday everyone! I’m sure most of you are reading this and rolling your eyes at your computer screen. “Mondays happy? Yeah right! It’s back to work and I’m exhausted from rockin’ out on the weekend!” True, but why can’t Mondays be more exciting? I’ve decided to make MY Mondays enjoyable by doing a personal […]

Marvelous Monday: Takin’ back the Monday!

Betsy and I have been friends for awhile. I met her sister, Jill,  when I was 10 years old at summer camp and through out the years Jill and I would run into each other. It wasn’t until I started working at the summer camp during my college years that I met Betsy, but we […]

Betsy & Noah:Real Life

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