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Sooooo, it’s the end of wedding season. Normally I’m up to the hilt in October weddings. Normally. This season has been anything BUT normal. So here we are in the middle of busy season and what do I get to do? Why PLAY! What’s that you say? Playing? How does a photographer play? Well, one […]

If you Give a Photographer a Camera… – Fun Sneak Peaks! – Syracuse, NY

When I first moved to NC I did what any good wedding vendor should do. Stalk the interwebz and find other wedding vendors that I enjoyed, emailed them, and prayed they’d meet me for coffee. A lot of those vendors did respond and it’s been an added caffeine boost to my system, but also a […]

Uptown Charlotte Rock the Dress – Social 10 Events – Charlotte, NC

From one coast to the other! Gina and I flew back on Thursday to good ol’ CNY so I could drive up to the Adirondacks with my “Other Me” Emily! I am so in love with this shot of Katie & Corey in a Handkerchief er I mean Hacker Craft! ­čśë It makes me so […]

“Handkerchief” Sneak Peek – Lake Placid, NY

A romantic hacker craft boat ride on Katie & Corey's wedding day. Perfect for formal portraits in Lake Placid NY

It’s easy as a photographer to fill your time with photo shoot after photo shoot. A) it’s what we love to do and B) you never know when the next shoot is going to come along so you’d better make the money while you can. Part of the joy of being a business owner. Especially […]

Gayle & Jon – Rock the Dress – Greenville, NC

Greenville, NC Wedding Portrait and Rock the Dress Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

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