1. Karen Chisholm says:

    Mar and Nikki. What a beautiful ceremony! Again, wishing you all the best! Luv every picture!! xoxo

  2. Emily Whyland says:

    I love the one of Nikki stabbing pop with the needle lol. And the one of Erik and Twiggy bustin a move. hahahaa

  3. debi houser says:

    Love, love, love the picture of John getting his boutonniere pinned on by Nikki…PRICELESS!!!

  4. Liz Runnels says:

    I love your wedding pictures! I’m so jealous. You guys are the cutest couple. I love you guys!!!

  5. Chantel Powell says:

    Nik and Mar, you are the people I have been the closest to since moving to Syracuse. I wish you the happiest times together and Chris and I were grateful to share your day with you. Best Wishes!

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