1. Jim says:

    Dear Mabyn –

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles about your esteem, and the strides you have made to overcome those feelings. It is sooooo true that many women have esteem issues, flowing from a negative view of their physical beauty. Hopefully, others can profit from your experience, your journey.

    Your beauty is very real, Mabyn, and shines from the inside out. It is so natural (and supernatural too!) that your inner goodness radiates forth in a joyous smile, a love for others, and for yourself. I love how you see the beauty in EVERY SINGLE WOMAN, even those who cannot see it in themselves.

    And I love that you can see your beauty more than you could a year ago. I am sure that the Creator of your beauty, the Divine Artist, must be smiling on you, his beloved daughter and his handiwork… I rejoice that you are healthier than you were last year. But mostly I rejoice that you seem to love yourself more than a year ago. How beautiful is that?!!!

  2. Mabyn says:

    Thank you for that lovely message Jim! 🙂

  3. You look amazing and I’m glad you feel amazing, too! I’ve been in that in that position and know what it’s like to feel bad, but then be proud of yourself for actually doing something about it =) Good work! -s

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