1. MarshallGulch says:

    The problem is that the little “vote” circle does not appear to the left of the list.
    and the tab “vote” does not appear either. Yesterday it did, so I voted.
    Uh, doubt it’s the internet “connection” in multiple states.

  2. Mabyn says:

    I’m not sure what to tell you. Are you trying to vote from a phone? They’re not working this time aorund. As for any other device I’m not sure, but after 2000 + votes I don’t think it’s on my end.

  3. jane essi says:

    Mabyn–You are an amazing photographer!!!!! My daughter & son-in-law’s pictures are gorgeous. Thank you–Nadia’s Mom

  4. Maureen Gibbons says:

    Sean and Jen You really lit up the day!

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