Black tie wedding at Seapark Mansion | Kaitlyn & Vincent

Kaitlyn & Vincent were married at Seapark Mansion in Gastonia, NC. Every detail was impeccable and stunning! It had elegance, sweet sappy moments, and an EPIC party!

Sometimes tho, things happen on our wedding day and all we can do is laugh. Kaitlyn’s incredible gown had a bow attached to the back. For some reason that heavy and beautiful bow didn’t have the best support so it kept breaking. We probably sewed that bow at least 3 times. My blood, sweat, and tears literally went into their wedding day! Thankfully a shout stick took the blood right out. 😉 Kaitlyn was carefree and laughed each time and we joked that Vincent would have to cut her out of the dress by the end of the night. Hopefully, that didn’t happen, but they sure partied hard and that bow did not budge!

Every wedding has to have something crazy and these two handled it perfectly and didn’t let anything ruin their amazing day!



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