1. Autum Elliott says:

    I vote for Jocelyn and Bryan cause the pictures you took of them are so beautiful!

  2. Jenny Schindler Melander says:

    Jessica and Ray! Love how sweet the pic is! Beautiful!

  3. Beth Fohey Schindler says:

    Jessica and Ray. I love the framing of the picture. Shows part of the beauty of the USA which the groom has chosen to serve.

  4. Judy Jay says:

    Jessica & Ray! I love the leading lines of the trees framing the couple as they are highlighted against the darker background. I loved Mabyn Ludke’s photography!

  5. Jocelyn Buyck says:

    Jocelyn and Bryan because of that epic tree 😉 but also because I absolutely love the romance that the shot captures. It is beautiful 🙂

  6. Lisa Wallace Miller says:

    My vote is for Ana and Allen ~ the photo captures how love grows and matures over time just like backdrop of nature over time ~

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