1. my gooodness i want to get re married.. mabyn, i love what you shoot, how you shoot, your pics are so pretty, i love the one where they are smooching, it’s so sweet and the pretty sky is exposed so you can see it, i just love it, and the ninth one down with chucks face… makes me laugh. i love it!!

  2. Molly Ruston says:

    My Favorite picture of my wedding day is the 16th one done! So far…I love the pictures Thank you so much Maybn!

  3. Jen Dalziel says:

    Love the pics… the colors are beautiful! You can see the love you share in the photos!!! Congrats!

  4. Joelle Weed says:


  5. Jessica Lambert says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Excellent choice of photographer. Congrats to both of you!

  6. They look like they are so in love. The pictures were great! I hope they are happy for a long time!

  7. Jessica Herrling says:

    You looked beautiful and the pictures are amazing!

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