Brand Session with Functional Nutritionist & Podcaster – Ami Shroyer

When I sit down with my clients for their strategy call we talk a lot about their stories. What’s the story behind their business, what stories do they want to tell their audience, etc…

Ami has 3 very distinct stories that are all under one umbrella. She runs an organization called Wide Open Ministry which is home to her podcast “wide open conversations,” her functional nutrition business “Back to Life 365”, and her family. So we talked about how to best create content that includes all 3 of the heartbeats of Wide Open Ministries.

This time of year the light fades pretty quickly and with so much content to create we’ll need one more day. But we made good headway and I can’t wait to see Ami launch her new website in 2023!

So what stories are the lifeblood of you and your business? I’d love to know! Shoot me a message today!