It’s time to update your brand photos when…

Happy New Year! 2023 has begun and it’s the perfect time to set goals, hone your marketing, and of course, update your branding photos! Maybe you’re thinking, but Mabyn, how do I KNOW when I need to refresh my branding photos other than it being the new year? Here are some general guidelines to help you decide if getting new branding photos is the next step for your business.

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You want to step up your social media game

If you’re looking to take your brand photos from good to great, it’s time for an update. Upgrading your Instagram feed and website content is an excellent way to get started!

The reason? Social media is a huge part of how people discover new brands these days, so having a gallery of curated custom images to pull from will help you with content planning as well as encourage the know, like, trust factor with your clients.

You’re using the same old photos

The goal of your brand photos is to help customers get to know who you are and what you do. When a potential customer comes across your social media or website, they should feel like they can relate to the people behind the brand. But if there are no photos at all, or if the ones that are there are from years ago, it can be hard for them to connect with what they see onscreen.

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Your brand has evolved

If you’ve been in business for a while, your brand has probably grown and evolved over time. You may have started with one product or service and now have many others to show off. Or maybe you’ve undergone a rebranding process in which you changed your name and logo, or maybe it was a small tweak here or there (like changing the color of your logo). When this happens, it’s good for brands to update their photos so that they’re consistent with the current identity.

You’ve opened a new location or added a team member

When you open a new location or add a team member, you want to show them off. By getting new brand photos keeps your web presence consistent and allows you to put a spotlight on anything new going on in your business.

You feel like your brand needs a refresh

You’ve grown as a business, you’ve evolved as a person or you want to be more authentic in your marketing. This can be because of so many things: the way the world has changed, what’s happening in our industry, and the way people interact with each other online. Whatever it is, this is the time when we must take stock of ourselves and make sure that our image reflects who we are today.

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There aren’t enough hours in the day

Content creation is a crucial part of our online presence in this day and age. But it’s also a massive time suck. If you find yourself spending a large chunk of time taking photos of your business, selfies, or products, branding photography can be a huge help. Outsourcing the most time-consuming portion of your marketing will allow you to spend more time working on the things that matter.

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If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions or have any questions about updating your brand photos, I’d love to chat. Let’s connect!

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions or have any questions about updating your brand photos, I’d love to chat. Let’s connect!

I’m a professional photographer and I specialize in helping creatives and solopreneurs create custom and engaging brand photos. My clients range from artists to authors, designers, and Influencers.

If you’re ready to update your brand photos, let’s set up a time to do a consultation. Click here to get started!



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