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If you’ve been keeping tabs on my blog posts then you’ve met Juliana before. She was one of my beautiful 2009 brides! She and her husband Dave had an amazing wedding and I fell in love with both of them!  So when Juliana needed new headshots for her auditions she came to me! Awesoooommmeee!!!

The day itself went well….until….my camera broke in the middle of our shoot! (GAH! Really?) My second body had broken the week previous too! So I literally could do nothing but apologize like a fool and reschedule. Luckily Juliana and Dave love me just as much as I love them and they were good with continuing their shoot at a later date. Preferably one without snow on the ground! This doesn’t happen often, and I’m greatful it happened now and not at a wedding! So now I have 3 cameras, 2 in working condition ready to go, and 1 that will be fixed soon and will be the triple backup! So do not fear, this WILL NOT happen again!

We did manage to get some great shots before the camera died though!  I can’t wait to see what we get next time around! Woohoo!

Juliana Brady : Real Beauty


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Jessica is extremely talented and a great friend. We spent a couple hours around Syracuse shooting, reminiscing aobut college, and having a generally great time! Jessica and I attended SUNY Cortland for musical theatre. Her voice is strong, dynamic, and emotional! Getting new headshots was another step on the way to reaching her goals. I wont be surprised if one day we see Jessica on Broadway!







Jessica Lawrence : Real Beauty