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Cazenovia is a romantic little town.  Though I grew up near there, did theatre there, and even cleaned those big romantic houses as a teenager, I had yet to shoot a wedding right in the village. Cazenovia (or Caz) has this feeling of being hidden away from the rest of the world, stuck in time and […]

Lincklaen House Wedding – Jocelyn & Bryan

This is one of my most favorite times of year! It’s CANVAS GIVEAWAY TIME!!! WOOHOO! Usually I do this right before Christmas, because I LOVE giving away presents! This year though, my schedule was a level of crazy that I was not prepared for. So here we are about a month after Christmas, but hey, […]

2013 Canvas Contest

The Frog Pond Skaneatelese, NY Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

Sometimes wedding plans change. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients who have changed their minds completely. Weddings easily get overwhelming and can snowball into a huge event very quickly. Some of my clients have found it’s easier to shift gears and essentially elope! I’ve had the extreme honor of being invited […]

Amber & Dave’s Love Story – Cazenovia, NY Backyard Wedding

Cazenovia, NY Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

My last week in NY has been spectacular! It’s been filled with so many heart felt hugs and smiles! My photoshoots have been a mix of family, old friends, and new friends. The weather was picture perfect and so were my subjects! There just aren’t the words to express how thankful I am for CNY […]

Farewell Sneak Peeks

Pompey, NY Family Portrait Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

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