1. Matt says:

    If you try to vote on a mobile device it won’t let you. Just use a desktop or laptop.

  2. Mabyn Ludke says:

    The glitch has been fixed. Keep voting!

  3. Patricia Fowler Freeland says:

    But the vote tampering has not only affected the top two, but the 3rd place person as well who I think should have been made even with them too……what a shame.

  4. Stephen Ecklund says:

    I think it is a great contest. Naturally the three of us in this house voted for my Son but the facebook voters are out in force. Some of these photos are beautiful. Nice work.

  5. Brandie Rauber-Wasson says:

    All 3 people in this house voted fairly. I’d rather fail than cheat (even though I’m not in THIS contest!!) LOL!

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