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I mentioned in the last vlog that I was working on a series of videos. This is the first of several…and hands down the most ridiculous….although the Harry Potter review will be pretty close… My disclaimer is that this randomness & ridiculousness might not be appropriate for small children, people over the age of 50, […]

How We Do In Florida….

So the rest of my days in sunny Florida were extremely packed! Obviously since I haven’t had the chance to blog about them till now…Anywho, let me briefly recap the rest of the trip for you: Our trip to Tallahassee was extremely successful! Our friend David took us all over the place. We visited the Mission San […]

Florida Trip: The rest of it : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photography

So the fun continued, when Donna & I got a free night at an amazingly “Floridian” bed & breakfast, called the Mellon Patch! It was so nice to sit and relax after a day of sight seeing & shopping. The next day we spent at the beach & eating delicious food at the Tiki Hut! […]

Florida Trip : Days 2 & 3 : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photography

When does a wedding photographer go on vacation? Why in the middle of winter of course! I have been blessed to be able to visit one of my best friends in sunny Florida for a week! I plan on documenting the whole trip & blogging as much as possible. Hopefully it’ll bring a little sunshine […]

Florida Trip: Day 1: Syracuse, NY Wedding Photography

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