The Impact of an Image : Real Moments

I received an email last week that encompasses why I’m a photographer. A Mother of the Bride from last summer’s wedding season contacted me to get a quote on prints. Typical right? Not so much, the story of WHY she wanted the prints was so deeply touching that I choked up right there in front of my computer! Melissa graciously agreed to allow me to share her story/email on my website. She entitled the picture “The Last Dance.”

Hi Mabyn,

I’m Trisha’s Mom. You took a photo of my father and I with me dancing and I’m leaning on his shoulder crying. The reason I was crying was my father is terminally ill with cancer and all I could think was, my god this is the last dance with my Dad.

My whole family is quite taken by the moment you captured.

My father now only has a couple of months to live and I would like to give a 5×7 to each of my siblings plus my mother.

Could you please give me a quote for 6 – 5×7’s in the black and white version? Also, the time line it would take to get them?

Thank you,

You never know when you take a picture who it’s going to impact or why. This is a special moment Melissa shared with her father that she will have forever. I am so honored to be the one who captured it for her.

I pray that you take this into consideration when booking your photographer, be it for your wedding, family portraits, or baby pictures. It’s so important to document life. To quote Simon and Garfunkel “preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.” It’s so true. At the end, what do you have that survives the people you love?

  1. Alyse French says:

    ahhh Mabyn.. i love this post. SO true!!

  2. Very nicely said and so true 🙂 Thanks for the touching post!

  3. Trisha Virgadamo says:

    I could never thank you enough for this image 🙂 the moment I first looked at my wedding pictures and this picture came up I was speachless and began to cry. I am thankful for something so beautiful and to have this picture for the rest of my life. Thank you 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Beautiful image, and wonderful you captured such a moment for her 🙂