Sarah & Carl’s Wedding : Real Love : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photography

Do you smell that? Breathe in  deep! Oohhh that smells glorious! Wedding season is in the air! I’ve been itching for May to get here and it finally is! Sarah & Carl’s wedding was such a WONDERFUL way to start the season, not just because their wedding was all together beautiful and amazing to shoot, but also because Sarah is my cousin! I’ve known her ever since she was born! (She’s a year younger) and we’ve been good friends ever since! The best part of family reunions? Sarah and her family! I adore them, so when they asked me to shoot their wedding it was an easy answer!  DUH! 😉

The day was beautiful, no one would have known that less than a week previous there was snow on the ground! (gotta love central NY!) All of the flowers were in bloom and cherry blossoms covered the ground. Their ceremony, at Christ Church, was full of emotion from Sarah’s sister crying during her Bible verse to the Priest giving a beautiful and witty message. Although storm clouds threatened our fun formal time in down town Rochester, the day went off with out a hitch! Back at the reception, at The Inn on Broadway, we had fun capturing all of the commotion of the dance party to  the tender moments between Sarah and her Dad. Thank you Sarah & Carl for allowing me to capture your beautiful story!

Also, I’m implementing something new this season. VOTING! Vote for your favorite wedding pictures at the end of the blog entry. Once the 2010 season is done, the top images will be added into a final vote. The Bride & Groom that receive the most votes will get a free 16×20 canvas of that image! So make sure you send all of your friends and family to vote!!


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  1. Laura de Otalvaro says:

    Okay I want to see the jumping photos! My quads hurt for 3 days after that — there had to be a product!

    Honestly, I had to vote for my own kid, but if I had to vote for another photo it would be Sarah’s portrait, #7. That’s just AWESOME.

  2. Lydia Kirkpatrick says:

    my second vote would be 16! we girls sure can work it!

  3. David Kirkpatrick says:

    Mabyn, your work is AWESOME!!!! Julian stole the show, but #28 of Rev. Ruth’s girls in B/W is wonderful, too. And Sarah is simply gorgeous!! Pride of fatherhood, I guess.

  4. Josie Dewey says:

    It was a womderful, wonderful day and all of these incredible photos support that!

  5. Mary Kirkpatrick says:

    My second vote would be #11…

  6. Sharon Schlosser says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, also #13 at the altar, brought back memories of 44 years ago when Larry & I were married at Christ Church! #31 is a favoriate, Dad, David dancing with his precious daughter. And of course,#19 Julian and ‘the gang’! Just too many, loved them all. Happy Life Ahead! Love Sharon & Larry

  7. Trina Mercado says:

    Okay–these are all fantastic shots, but I have to go with #18. I simply dare anyone to gaze upon that photo without cracking a smile, much less breaking out in total laughter. GREAT DAY, and we loved being there!