1. Delisse Metcalf Green says:

    I don’t know what happened, Mabyn, but I hate that negativity has been associated with all the beauty and love your talent has allowed you to capture and share with us all.

  2. Katie Ecklund says:

    I know people will probably not believe me, but I had honestly no idea people were cheating on my behalf to get us the numbers that we had late on Saturday. Sometimes people have really good intentions that go very wrong when they take it too far. I feel absolutely terrible it happened and I don’t know what to say other than what I have said to Mabyn. I understand her feelings about the whole thing leaving her with a “heavy heart” as well, this weekend has felt like an emotional roller-coaster.

  3. Kristi Weldy Parker says:

    I have seen the beautiful photos of Lesley and Russell. They are breathtaking! Without a doubt you are a talented photographer that I would highly recommend! However, after reading this post, I am even more impressed by your character, not your talent. The gift of grace you are offering is more valuable than any canvas! May God bless you richly this year- personally and in your business. Thank you for reminding me that because much grace has been given to me, I need to extend it to others.

  4. Joanna Goins Beard says:

    I don’t know how the “cheating” was done, but I can gladly say that I voted only once 🙂 one time throughout the whole competition & not weekly, daily or hourly 🙂 ALL of the photos are magnificent! The photographer is awesome & I’ve definitely found someone who I’d love to have do photos for me & my family in the future <3

  5. Patricia McNeill Hudgens says:

    All your photos are beautiful, and from meeting you thru your work, I think you are just as beautiful in life as you are in your photography. What a please it is to meet a lady with your love for the people you meet in life. Believe me, there were a lot of lesons learned…..that will never be forgot here. Thank you for sharing the best blessing in life. Love and forgiveness. Many blessings to you….I am sure God will be with you in anything you do.

  6. Mary Gerstner Pestlin says:

    Oh wow didnt expect this. I really liked the entries! I am glad you went with your honest opinion here Mabyn. I am glad that you can separate who you are from the world of business and not just gloss over the things that make business bad. Thank you. (Business just referring to things having to do with owning a company, such as contests, and other related things.)

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